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Vol. 20 #2 - Issue 102


Beer Comes to England
Throughout the Middle Ages, ale was the favorite beverage of the people of the British Isles. We reveal how by the 15th century foreign beer began to compete with native ale, especially in southeastern England.

Bread: The Staff of Life
We take a fresh look at one of the most ancient foodstuffs. Whether thou art pauper, peasant, or prince, bread is a nutritional keystone of civilization, and nourishes on both a physical and spiritual level. Is it no wonder that the very process of bread making is analogous to the cycle of birth, life, and death?

Four Dragons of the Oracle
Through legend, myth or lore, almost every culture in the Middle Ages had some association with dragons. We explore these mythical creatures in the Druid tradition.

Feasts and Cookery in the SCA
Not surprisingly, delicious and authentic foods make up an integral part of the SCA's culture. We hear first-hand from some of the top cooks in the SCA who make food preparation and service a vital part of the SCA experience.




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