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Vol. 20 #6 - Issue 106


Braies and Chausses Made Easy: Medieval Underwear for the Modern Man
Our scribe J. Morgan Kuberry gives us a lesson in medieval male fashion, and a tutorial on how to get ready for Faire by creating one’s very own set of 12th-century underwear.

Interview with The Medieval Bæbes
What’s it like to be a Bæbe? You’ll enjoy this conversation between our man on the period music scene, Michael Lohr, and Medieval Bæbes Katharine Blake and Emily Ovenden, in which we learn about the group’s origins and eclectic influences.

Public Impotency Trials
Apart from death, one of the few ways one could dissolve a Catholic marriage in the 16th century was proof of impotence. But how on earth could you prove it? The only valid way at the time was to participate in—what else?—a public impotency trial.

The Ballad of John Barleycorn

Back in the days of yore, there arose a quintessential English folk ballad that tells the tale of the rise and fall of John Barleycorn. This was no ordinary mortal, mind you, but the folk personification of barley, an ancient grain transformed from the humble porridge of Roman gladiators and medieval champions alike into a tragically heroic figure cut down in the prime of life, only to be reborn.

Worties and Blue Dragon Bakestones

Don’t let the names put you off! These latest offerings from our culinary historians will show you how to prepare two tasty treats: one savory, the other sweet.

And 12 Pages of Color Photos from the Sherwood Forest Faire
(open February 13 to April 3!)




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