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Vol. 20 #3 - Issue 103


Making Armor Comfortable
Often we think of medieval arms as being crudely made, but in reality they were expensive objects made by teams of highly skilled artisan-engineers. We show you the ways you can go about choosing the right suit of armor that’s comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and above all, safe.

The Versatile Cannabis Plant
If you think that the recent growing acceptance of cannabis is something new, think again. One of our oldest cultivars, cannabis has long been a plant with five purposes: for its oil; as a source of hempen fibers; for its seeds, consumed by people for food; for its narcotic properties; and therapeutically to treat a wide variety of ills in traditional folk medicine.

Medieval Modesty
It was not uncommon on any riverbank, lakeshore, or seashore for there to be naked men and boys swimming, even with women present. We reveal that much of what today’s society believes about the subject is colored by the cultural mores of modern sensibilities.

The Candlemas Tourney
We take you to Candlemas, an intensive tournament held each February in the Middle Kingdom in Lexington, KY, which brings hundreds of guests for a serious, definitive exploration of the sport that is SCA rattan combat.

The Walters Art Museum
The Renaissance was a time of renewed appreciation of ancient Greco-Roman architecture, philosophy, scholarship and art. We visit the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore to view selected works from their stunning Renaissance collection.

Two Genovese Tarts
Who doesn’t like delicious tarts? We present recipes for two varieties of Genovese tarts, one with spinach and cheese, and the other with fruit and nuts.

Braised Rabbit in Red Wine and Black Treacle
Here’s a rare dish that features both a sweet and robust taste that will surprise as much as it will satisfy. This odd dish is made with fresh rabbit and a fine “black treacle” or simple molasses syrup, along with a stout Spanish wine, such as a Gran Reserva or a rich Burgundy, and then marinated and braised to perfection.





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