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Vol. 19 #6 - Issue #100


Your 100 Faire Favorites!
To celebrate the 100th issue of Renaissance Magazine, we sent out a call across every realm looking for your top-rated performers and faire attractions! We reveal our'll want to see if your favorites are represented.

Richard Evans as Henry VIII
We present an interview with the man who plays Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace. "I love the opportunity to show the vulnerability of Henry as well as his strength, portraying him as a mixture of many things," says Richard Evants, the principal Henry of six costumed interpreters who perform the role at the famous British royal palace.

The Posset: A Medieval Drink for the Modern Kitchen
Long before Lady Macbeth laced hers with poison, possets were a mainstay of English cookery. We reveal how to combine wine or sack along with eggs, cream, sugar and spices (usually cinnamon, ginger, saffron, mace and nutmeg) and heat.

Modern Tarot Readers
We visit the charming new age shop Some Enchanted Evening, located in Spencer, MA. Amidst the jewelry, books, statues, incense, semi-presious stones, crystals, and herbs, our brave scribe had her Tarot read by two of the resident readers.

The Artist Nuns of Florence
When you think of the great painters of the Renaissance you do not normally picture a nun in a white habit, armed with a palette covered with paint and a fistful of burshes. However, during the sixteenth century at the Convent of Santa Caterina da Siena, Sour Plautilla Nelli established her reputation and fame as the first female artist of Florence.

Fit for Faire: How to Work Out Like a Knight
While medieval and renaissance physicians and philosophers may not have understood the science of the breakdown and rebuilding of muscle fiber, they fully knew the benefits of physical fitness, especially for knights and other men of war. We introduce you to the Association for Renaissance Martials Arts, which revives the forgotten teachings of the ancient fighting schools.

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