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Vol. 20 #4 - Issue 104


Marriage, Medieval Style at Lake Bled
“Na zdravje! To your good health!” enthuses the monk as he swiftly swings his sword upwards to slice open the wedding couple’s giant champagne bottle. The lady of the castle, elegantly adorned in a medieval gown, collects the cut-off bottle neck, cork still intact, and hands it to the newlyweds as a symbolic gift. As the monk’s sword is placed back in its scabbard, celebratory champagne flows atop one of the world’s most spectacular medieval fairytale settings: Bled Castle in Slovenia.

Establishing a Camp Kitchen
A completely period encampment can be an important part of your faire or weekend experience. Maintaining a period encampment is neither as expensive nor difficult as you may think, and a great place to start is the camp kitchen. Developing a camp kitchen is actually one of the easier aspects of the reenactment hobby, and provides a lot of return on even a small investment. We’ll show you how to get started.

Medieval Plainsong

Imagine a solemn procession of monks entering a cathedral to celebrate their patron saint. They carry holy relics and swing censers, and the music they chant echoes through the stone walls of the church. The entire service, from opening prayers to biblical readings, including every part of the mass and the divine office, is not spoken but sung. This music is plainsong, a collection of chants based on a single melodic line used in the liturgy, or traditional worship services, of the Roman Catholic Church. Our writer will fill you in on its origins, and its development through the middle ages.

Renaissance Ramblers

We accompany you along some medieval roads one can still find in Paris, journey to the Medieval Festival of Cremieu, and visit Vianden, Luxembourg, where many of the sights have not changed much since the 13th century.

Castle Kitchen

Our culinary scribes will show you how to make Hunter's Frumenty, Pottage and beef jerky, the way they were done 1,000 years ago.





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