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Special Wedding Issue
In our very special Wedding issue, we'll reveal the winners of our 2012 Wedding Photo Contest!  You'll meet the brides in their gorgeous dresses, the handsomely attired grooms, the colorful wedding parties, and much more as we go behind the scenes at some of this year's most exciting and romantic period weddings.

Live Wedding Music
Among the many elements that comprise a successful renaissance themed wedding is music.  The right music can establish an air of authenticity, playfulness, solemnity, or mysticism, unify the various aspects of the ceremony, and provide cues for the participants.  Renaissance Magazine reveals the secrets behind sourcing and integrating live period music into your wedding or family event.

Just how did women squeeze into those tight gowns?  In fact, the term "corset" wasn't used until the fourteenth century, and then to describe a breastplate worn by a soldier.  The corest was worn by men and women and even children and was used first for support, and evolved into one of the  most significant elements of women's fashion of the Renaissance.

Symbolism of the Lion
In the Middle Ages in Christian Europe the world was seen as a reflection of the pure, benevolent Creator who made it.  Animals as subjects of symbolism were popular in the twelfth through fourteenth centuries, and we look a the most magnificent of them all, the lordly lion.

Instruments, Images and Indulgences
The Latin term, "Arma Christi" encompasses a number of Christian symbols and imagery.  These include the symbols that are often referred to as the Instruments of Christ's Passion (ICP), which were included on religious objects at least as early as the ninth century.  Their popularity reached a zenith in the later Middle Ages, in particular in northwestern Europe, including the British Isles.  This period of cult status for the ICP continued on through the early seventeenth century.

Camel Wrestling
Need we say more?  We take you to Turkey to witness this ancient and exciting sport.


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