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We reveal how this prized and very expensive spice was believed to address a number of ailments including smallpox, measles, yellow jaundice fainting-fits, heart palpitations, digestive disorders, hysteria, respiratory problems, and one's general mood. And woe unto the merchant who was caught selling adulterated saffron!

Develop Your Character!
Everyone wants to have a good time at the faire, and many take that extra step in constructing or acquiring a set of period garb to enhance the experience. With this being said, many of those "extra steppers" stop there. Developing a persona for your representation is not that hard, and will help increase the fun of moment as you share your "story" with those who engage you.

The Ancient Rite of Circumcision
In 1582, Sultan Murad III threw a party for the circumcision of his son, crown prine Mehmet II. The festivities were a year in the making and lasted an epic fifty-two days and nights. We take you to Turkey, where this ancient rite is still performed with great public pomp and circumstance.

Druid Symbolic Animals
In the Druid tradition, it was believed that there were two worlds of existence: the world we live in and the world behind or beyond, known as the Otherworld. Certain sacred animals possessed a particular power, and the blackbird, salmon, owl, stag, and eagle were considered to be living links to the Otherworld.

Viking Exorcism Rituals
To the Vikings, the bounds of law were enforceable even after death. Hauntings were the province of lawyers rather than clerics. If ghosts appeared, Vikings could hold a "doorcourt" ("duradomr") to rid the house of unwanted spirits. Could it work for you?

Elijah's Chair
If you forget to look up, you'll miss it. There, some twenty feet above the floor of the sanctuary of the ancient synagogue, the fancy chair rests on a small platform, or in a niche. What's behind this strange custom? Why all the bother for a seat placed high above the floor?

The Power of the Evil Eye
We take you to visit glassblowers who today craft evil eyes the same way they've been made for thousands of years.


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