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Renaissance Magazine is available from bookstores in both the US and in Canada such as Barnes & Noble, Hastings, and SuperCrown Books, or by subscription. In addition to this, Renaissance is also distributed at:
Some of the largest Renaissance Faires across the US, including ones in New York, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia.
To all Royal Members of the Ye Olde World Living History Foundation.

An On-Going Interest in All Things Medieval
Over 100 Renaissance faires are held annually across the country.
Over 4.5 million people attend Renaissance faires each year.
The SCA is a nationwide medieval reenactment organization with over 40,000 members.
Over 200 Shakespeare Festivals are held nationwide each year, many of which include period activities and entertainment.
Renaissance activities receive on-going publicity, with an article in Life magazine in Nov., 1995, on the SCA Pennsic Wars, and an article on Renaissance Faires in Spin Magazine in December, 1996.
Because of viewer interest, TV channels such as The Learning Channel, History Channel, A&E and Discovery, historical television shows on the Middle Ages and Renaissance are on-going and quite popular.

Our Readers
All our readers have one thing in common a distinct interest in all things medieval. The magazine is read by performers, actors, merchants, and patrons of Renaissance Faires, members of re-enactment organizations and Scottish clan societies, roleplayers, historians, educators, and by those who just love the mystery, romance, and chivalry of the period.


Women 53%; Men 46%

 $20,000 or less  16%
 $21-60,000  60%
 $61,000+  24%

Hours Spent Reading Each Issue
 1-2  37%
 3-4  46%
 5+  17%

 35 or under  43%
 36-45  28%
 46-55   24%
 56+   5%

Number of Pages Read
 All  33%
 Most  50%
 Half or less  17%

College Degree: 64%
Married: 44%
Homeowners: 52%
Orders catalogs from advertisers:
Purchases products from magazine: 45%

Arms and Armor
51% of our readers own a dagger or knife
47% of our readers own a sword
15% of our readers own a suit of armor
8% of our readers own chainmail

Costumes and Accessories
81% of our readers own at least one costume.
Of those 81%, each person owns on average 2 costumes.
81% of our readers own period accessories (ie pouch, jewelry, etc).

Renaissance Faires
98% of our readers attend at least one Renaissance Faire a year.
On average, our readers attend 2 Renaissance Faires a year.

29% of our readers are members of a Faire guild or re-enactment group (ie SCA).
27% of our readers are Renaissance Faire actors, merchants, or musicians.

45% of our readers play either computer, board, or roleplaying games,
spending an average of $100-200 a year on computer games,
and an average of $25-100 a year on roleplaying and period board games.

Books / Videos / Music
93% of our readers purchase at least one period book a year.
70% of our readers own at least one period video.
76% of our readers listen to period/celtic music.
10% of our readers play a period instrument (such as a bodhran, lute, dulcimer, etc.)

These statistics are based on a Renaissance Magazine reader survey; 5/27/98

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