Submission Guidelines

Renaissance Magazine accepts unsolicited queries and manuscripts related to the Renaissance and late Middle Periods, including but not limited to: historical articles, martial arts, travel, interviews with artisans, articles on the SCA and related re-enactment groups, and the Renaissance Faire experience. Authors are strongly advised to query the editor to ensure that your proposed topic is appropriate and has not been reserved for another writer.

Average feature article is approx. 2,000 words in length although longer work may be considered. Sidebar information is also encouraged, as well as high-resolution graphics, including copyright-free logos, illustrations, and photographs. Renaissance Magazine takes North American serial rights on all work accepted.  Those interested in writing for Renaissance Magazine on a regular basis as a staff columnist must query first, and include a brief bio/resume and sample article. If accepted, a writing contract will be required and the writer will be expected to contribute articles/columns on a regular basis.  

All submissions should be set up in the standard manuscript format (title, name, address, phone number, rights preferred and approx word count on title page, and every subsequent page fully numbered). Cover letter should include a brief bio and credits, where you heard of Renaissance Magazine, and any other pertinent personal information. An SASE MUST be included with your mailed submission to be considered. We encourage writers to email their articles directly to, to save on mailing and paper costs. Emailed articles should be mailed as an attached word doc or a text file or copied and then pasted into the actual email message to us. PLEASE DO NOT FORMAT YOUR ARTICLE. Documents must be single-spaced, with no hard returns unless a new paragraph, and left-justified. A copy of our style sheet will be sent upon request.

All work (except poetry) is subject to editing for space, grammar, and format considerations. If edits do not affect content, we will not notify the author in advance. Due to normal production factors, Renaissance Magazine cannot guarantee publication of any article, even if scheduled for inclusion. We make every effort to notify writers of the status of article(s) in our inventory. We reserve the right to reject previously accepted work at any time and for any reason.

Book and Music CD Reviews
We accept unsolicited reviews of renaissance and medieval-related books, including fiction, non-fiction and music CD's. A high-resolution jpg scan of the original cover of the book jacket or CD MUST be available. Authors and publishers of Renaissance and Medieval-related books, games, software and music CD's may submit a copy of their product to the below address.

For editorial copy, payment of $.10 per published word is made within three weeks after publication. For author-supplied high-resolution images (photograph or illustration), Renaissance Magazine pays $7.50 per published image. Special rates apply to artwork and graphic items. These rates do not apply to poetry submissions. Poems are not subject to editing and are published without compensation to the author. In addition to authors' fees, a contributor copy will be provided to each contributor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or comments.


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