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Echoes from Medieval Halls: Past-Life Memories from the Middle Ages

by Barbara Lane

$12.95 / ARE Press / 1997

Barbara Lane, a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in past-life therapy, has written the second book in a series, about the past-life experiences of 13 different SCAdians and medieval reenactors.

Coming from the belief that experiencing one's past life through hypnotic regression aids in changing people's lives by eliminating their karmic symptoms and may even lessen a subject's fear of death will certainly be hard to swallow by many readers. Clearly the author believes in reincarnation, but she does mention early on that perhaps what her subjects are reliving may not be their own past life, but a remembrance from a collective unconscious. Regardless, the healing that is possible through these experiences is equally as powerful, according to Lane.

With that said, even readers who do not believe in reincarnation at all will be intrigued by this 230+ page book which begins with an explanation of the historical background behind past-life therapy.

What is most interesting about Echoes, however, is the subject's accounts of their past life experiences while under hypnosis with Lane. Even they express skepticism in what at times they are "remembering" while under hypnosis, but it is certainly eerie how much of what they recount can be reconciled historically. In fact, this aspect of each chapter lends far more credence to Lane's assertions on reincarnation than any other area of the book.

Although the oversized type throughout the book makes it difficult to read, Echoes from Medieval Halls is so interesting that many readers may even be inspired to go out and be "regressed" themselves!

—Lady Kimberly

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