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A Knight of Love

by David Vahlberg

$16.95 / Writer's Showcase / 2002

This collection of medieval-themed poetry written by David Vahlberg delivers 200 pages of enchantment and romance. Like much classic poetry, this collection is written in a formal, highly metered style that deserves to be read aloud to be properly appreciated.

Divided into five chapters, each part of the book has its own flavor. "The Book of Roses" contains the lightest and most romantic poems, each with a strong nature motif and happy endings. "The Book of Knights," on the other hand, speaks of love lost and the darker side of passion. Next, "The Adamantine King" is a collection of poems which follow the mythic tale of a Knight who battles his eternal enemy through both mortal and immortal incarnations.

The two final chapters, "The Days of a Knight" and "A Knight's Piety," speak of a knight's steadfast devotion to his lady. While they may seem, at first, to lack the impact of the earlier chapters, each poem captures a moment of the experience of love.

Ladies, claim this book as your own and let it be a reminder that even in modern times, romance still lives. Gentlemen, read this collection to your lady or use it as a model for creating your own romantic poetry; just be prepared to watch her swoon!

—Jess Hartley

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